The day I first met Ben is crystallised in my soul forever. It was the middle of the school year, and my second day at my new high school.

It wasn’t as if it was my first second day at a new school, or even my second second day. At most schools the student rep gave me a quick run-down and then bailed, but Jen, the rep assigned to me because our class schedules were most alike, was a genuinely nice person.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I took a wrong turn on my way to the quad. When every hallway and doorway looks the same, it’s easy enough to do, even if you don’t have my abysmal sense of direction. By the time I reached the quad, I was annoyed, tired, and just looking for a place to sit and eat my sandwich.

I tripped over nothing at the entrance to the quad, flinging myself spectacularly down the steps. I landed on the grass, the skirt of my uniform having made me the Marilyn of the school.

For a second I lay there, waiting for the aches and pains to come. Nothing happened. The area around me seemed to be a kind of vacuum – the students over and past whose heads I had flown were holding their breath to see how I would react.

I burst into laughter.

So did they.

I quickly sat up and brushed my skirt back into a more normal arrangement, fervently hoping that no one had seen anything, but knowing that was unlikely. I mentally thanked my grandmother for all the lectures about the importance of always wearing clean underwear.

And then he walked over to me with hands outstretched.

The rest of this story, as well as short stories from six other authors, can be found in Wishful Inkers Issue 2. The anthology will be available on the Wishful Inkers website from 15 October 2018. All proceeds from this issue go to Children’s Miracle Network.

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