NaNoWriMo 2018 – Week 1

Day 1

Word count: 1102

Managed to pinch off about 15 minutes of my lunchtime and get 237 words down. I hoped to be able to put a zero on the end of it once I got home but I started falling asleep while writing. My fingers kept moving even when my brain had shut down for the night, and the last two sentences (which I chucked from the word count) were complete, unsalvagable, gibberish.

Day 2

Word count: 0

Fell down a Youtube hole.

Day 3

Word count: 309

Overslept. Got 34 words down before work. Couldn’t shut my work brain off after I got home. Went old-school, wrote long-hand just before bed. Added another 275 to my count. Fell asleep.

Day 4

Word count: 4588

1978 in my “morning” session (which ended around 1pm). I wrote long-hand and gave myself a page count to get to instead of a word count. Rewarded myself with pineapple ice cream. 2610 words during the virtual write-in with my home region. 5 sprints – 100 minutes of writing time.

Day 5

Word count: 0

Long, tough, emotional day. No focus. No words. Read to refill the well.

Day 6

Word count: 2041

167 done during lunch. 1874 done in word sprints with my home region – under penalty of having to upload a video of myself singing and dancing to Baby Shark. Whatever works, right?

Day 7

Word count: 2005

Many word wars and the threat of Baby Shark went into making this word count. Frozen fingers did not help. Why is it snowing in November? That’s not right.

Total word count: 10045

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