NaNoWriMo 2018 – Week 2

Day 8

Word count: 273

Felt like death. Managed one (actually 1/2) word war with the home region. Went to bed.

Day 9

Word count: 0

Still felt like death. Ate supper. Went to bed.

Day 10

Word count: 2381

Woke up feeling a little less like death. Managed 2381 over the course of the morning. Took a gaming and TV break around 3pm to ‘recalibrate’. Fell down the rabbit hole trying to build the house where most of my story takes place in the Sims 4. No further words written.

Day 11

Word count: 1859

Hit a severe hump in the writing process. Felt like I was going backwards. Took most of the day to make target. Fell asleep mid-sprint. Decided to call it quits on the day and start fresh in the morning.

Day 12

Word count: 0

Spent the day staving off nausea. Collapsed into bed before 7pm.

Day 13

Word count: 0

Forgot about the BXP Live and completely mismanaged my time. Decided to attend the Live instead of writing. No regrets.

Day 14

Word count: 0

Broke down. Seriously considered dropping out of NaNo. Was talked around by the lovely constituents of my home region. Didn’t write. Mulled over some scenes instead.

Week 2 total: 4513

Overall word count: 14,558

Conclusion: I got week two’d. Hard. Hoping I can regain momentum in Week 3. And if I don’t, I still have more words today than I did this time last month.

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