NaNoWriMo 2018 – Week 5

Day 29

Word count: 6951

Tried desperately to get as close to 40k as possible. Ended 400 short.

Day 30

Word count: 10855

I did it. I bloody did it!

“Week” total: 17806

TOTAL: 50461

I am immensely proud of myself. But I am also humbled, because I know that if it wasn’t for some very important people in my life, I would have ended up in the same place as always – curled up in a ball on the floor somewhere around the 15th, just crying and saying “there’s no way I can do this”. Especially after losing my grandmother last week.

So, thank you to everyone who made it possible (in no particular order):
To ALL the Wanderimos (SA Elsewhere) for being gentle with me when I needed it but also never backing down. I won’t list you all by name because if I do I’ll be here until Christmas, but I am so proud of all of you.
To the Wishful Inkers – Alex, Audrey, Christine, Kay, and Kristy – for all the support going way back to the beginning of this story, for being an excellent sounding board, and for keeping me writing through the year. Now that NaNo’s over, we’d better shift it into high gear on Issue 3!
To the Bestseller Experiment – Mark Stay and Mark Desvaux – for keeping me sane and reminding me why I chose to do this to myself. And to the BXP Team, as well. You’re all a bunch of nutters, and I’m so grateful to be a part of the group.
To Eric Calderone (331Erock) and Anthony Vincent (Ten Second Songs) for providing (albeit unknowingly) the soundtrack to most of my writing time, as well as excellent video motivation to keep writing.
To my Chillis who kept me from going off the rails at the day job – you are the strongest, most rocking people I’ve ever known.
To my husband. I know it hasn’t been an easy year and this month in particular has been a kicker. Thank you for putting up with a whole month of crankiness and “no time to talk” and “can’t think about food right now”. You are my everything, and everything I do is for you. I love you, my angel.
And to the people who are no longer with me on this journey. Mom, Gran, Oupa, and Cheri-lee. Without you, without all of you, there would not be a me to write this. Thank you so much for all the love and time and support you gave. Rest in peace, my family.

I may have made it to 50k words this November, but the story is far from complete. All I’ve really done is prove to myself that I CAN do this. Watch this space!


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