Did I Do It?

In my last post I talked about my (quite possibly insane) writing goals for my holiday. Now the question I hear you asking is “did you actually do it?”. The answer, dear reader, is a resounding no.

I did write. I did work on my piece for the next issue of Wishful Inkers. But I didn’t reach my goal of 30k words, and I didn’t finish the draft of Number 19.

Instead, I spent several days without water (or mostly without water), trying not to roast alive. I have nothing but respect for people who can function in the heat. My brain turns to mush around 28°C, and at one point we got to 39°C.

But that was last year!

I’m back, swinging for the fences in 2019, with a major goals list (which I’ve already posted on social media) to keep me focused.

2019 goals

I should mention that all the titles listed are working titles and may change before the project actually hits shelves, so to speak.

Well, all I can really do now is wish you a very happy and fulfilling 2019. Make your dreams come true, you wonderful creature!

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