Setting Out More Goals

In my last post, I set out my goals for 2019. So far, I’ve been doing really well. I have a nifty checklist that I ran up in Google Sheets and the progress is pleasing.


After this post goes live, I’ll be able to click another of those lovely little check boxes. I’m excited for that.

What that checklist doesn’t show is my daily goals. I don’t really have a checklist for that. But if you’ve been watching my Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram, you will have seen my posts every morning when I hit my 500 words for the day. So far there’s only been one day where I failed to meet target, but I still made it to more than 70%, so I’m happy with that.

Speaking of Instagram, my last couple of positive posts have lost their descriptions on Insta, but not on Facebook despite being posted to Facebook from Insta… If any tech savvy people know what’s going on, let me know, please?

Last week I took part in the first BXP Live event of 2019, which was all about goals and goalsetting. Mr D made a point about putting financial goals in place as well, linking your writing goals to a larger “career-oriented” goal. So I’m going to put it out there right now: in the course of this year, I would like to have made R1,000 from my writing. That’s not an impressive amount of money, it’s just over $70/£55 at the time of writing, but considering I don’t currently have anything published, I think it’s a fine jumping off point.

If you’re interested, you can hear the replay of the event on the Bestseller Experiement podcast. Even if you’re not a writer or interested in writing, it’s a good episode. Goal setting advice can definitely be applied in all areas of life.

Now I’m off to work on some of those projects that are going to make that R1,000 a reality!

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