Getting Punched Up

Regular readers will know that I am the biggest fan of The Bestseller Experiment, and that my taking up the pen again is largely thanks to the podcast. I am enamoured of the hosts, all the guests, and the entire BXP community, because they are all just brilliant.

A little while ago, they announced that they would be doing something new for their Chart Topper supporters on Patreon (of which I am one). It’s called One Page Punch Ups, and the idea is to submit a page from your WIP (just one page) for possible critique by an editor. An actual editor. Not someone’s Aunty Mildred who used to teach high school English back in the day, but an honest-to-goodness, proper industry professional.

As soon as they made the announcement I knew I had to try. I knew exactly which page I was going to submit, too – one from a crucial part of Number 19. I gave the page a bit of a wash and brush-up, hit send, and then promptly forgot about it in the tumult of Mr Sage’s illness. (He’s getting better every day, and we hope he’ll be able to come home soon.)

Well, on Monday the first One Page Punch Up episode of the podcast aired, and I nearly fell out of my chair when I heard Mr Stay read out my name! It was a bit of good news that was much needed on what was otherwise a very difficult day at the tail end of a very difficult few weeks.

They say that as a writer, you can never have the experience of reading your own story for the first time. Hearing someone else read it out must come pretty close. It’s strange, a little terrifying, but somehow also satisfying, knowing that something that has been a part of you for so long is now out there, entirely its own entity. More than a little freaky, but in the absolute coolest way.

I want to thank Emad Akhtar for his very valuable critique, and also the two Marks for creating the opportunity to be critiqued. I learned so much not only from the comments on my work, but also the comments on the other 3 pieces which were critiqued alongside mine. I feel truly honoured to have been chosen.

4 thoughts on “Getting Punched Up

    1. It was a great episode, and all the submissions were of a really high standard – but then, the BXP community is made up of excellent people (being people who excel). Thank you so much for the compliment!

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    1. Thanks, Mr Stay – he’s doing much better already! I’ll be gearing up for beta readers in the not too distant future, so here’s hoping Aunty Mildred is available!

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