Checklist Check-In Feb 2019

I don’t know what happened to February or where it’s gone. I feel like I should be addressing you with a “good evening” before presenting you with the Mystery of the Missing Month. GIPHY

I’m being melodramatic, but February really was a very short month for me. So short that I actually typed “February really was a very short week for me” before I caught myself. And yes, I know we’re already more than a week into March.

Mr Sage is recovering well – he was hospitalised again, but this time it was only an overnight stay, and things are almost back to normal. The day job continues to be a world of high pressure and tight deadlines. So we crammed a lot into the 28 days.

Here’s what my checklist looks like:

I still haven’t done a first quarter newsletter – I’ll have to get onto that soon. And I did record a video for February, but it was very rushed and I didn’t like how it turned out. I’m planning to re-record over the weekend. It’ll tick off my March box.

Progress on Number 19 has been slow. I’ll be honest I haven’t written all that much towards it this month – I’ve mostly been busy with other projects and challenges, and dealing with my mental health. I would very much like to have it beta-ready by mid-April, but that will depend largely on when Mr Sage and I are able to get home and return to our normal routines.

I’ve done nothing towards Meg’s Story at all, but I have scribbled down a scene or two from a new project that I’d like to work on some more once Number 19 is out the door – a sort of Wicker Man update with a female protagonist.

The next Wishful Inkers deadline is March 31, and the Wanderimos deadline has been moved to 1 April, so I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me this month.

Wish me luck!

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