The Best Part of Camp(NaNo)

I’m in control.

I can change my mind, change the rules, change my project, change my goals.

And that’s brilliant because I’ve been feeling conflicted, uneasy about my project(s) for Camp. Even before Camp started. Because the plan was based on the fact that I have two projects bumping around in my brain space. I was going to try to give time to both of them. It’s a solid plan. It’s been done before (I’m looking at you, Robyn πŸ˜‰). There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be possible.

But four days in, my uneasiness has been proven warranted. This plan is not working for me and I would rather do one thing really well than two things poorly.

Which brings us to the New Plan:

  • Number 19 is, once again, on the backburner. I am definitely going to get it done this year, but not this Camp.
  • All focus will now be on my as yet untitled poetry project, which we’ll call ??? because I can’t think of anything better right now.

You might be asking why I’ve chosen to focus on the “new” ??? over the longer-lived Number 19. You might accuse me of Squirrel Mind or Shiny New Idea Syndrome.

Well, certainly that’s an element, but it’s not the whole story, and it isn’t an entirely new idea – before I ever dreamed I could write a novel, I dreamed of writing a book of poems. I made a fair start on one in high school which can only be described as ‘the pretentious ramblings of one who has no experience of life, the world, or indeed anything outside their own skull’. I will not be recycling any of those works.

Even that is not the whole of the thing, but it must be enough of the thing to satisfy you until I make a more formal announcement about ???, with an actual title and details and things.

So, if you’re taking part in this Camp, remember that YOU’RE in control, YOU make the rules, and you can do it!

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