A Bit of a Ramble

This week’s post was meant to be the last part of MSUM, on readability and simpler sentences, but I’m just not feeling it. I suppose I could have just skipped a week but I know if I do it’ll be harder to post next week – so you get a rambling, word jumbled, brain dump post instead. Aren’t you lucky?

Life-wise, things are going okay. Rocky in patches but not as rough as it has been. Mr Sage is doing well. The pups are doing well. I’m… doing less well but still well.

It seems like I’m finally getting to where I want to be in my day job. It’s more work and more mentally challenging, but also more fulfilling. I’m generally happier overall. Of course, that doesn’t erase my depression or anxiety but it helps.

I haven’t given as much attention to my writing lately as I would like. But that’s just life. I think I’ll be able to focus a bit more once I have the final file of Silk Flower Goodbye uploaded. That should be around the middle of September, depending on when I get the notes back from my CP.

And speaking of Silk Flower Goodbye… With 38 days to release, my pre-orders are as follows:

Amazon – 3
Apple – 1
Kobo – 1
Total – 5

I don’t think that’s bad given that it’s poetry, which generally doesn’t sell terribly well to begin with. And taking into account that I haven’t done any advertising (simply because I can’t afford to) and virtually no marketing (1 blog post, 1 newsletter, and a post each on FB, Twitter, and Insta), I think it’s really pretty good.

I’d like to get 15 pre-orders, though. It’s a totally arbitrary number but an achievable one – if I actually make an effort with the marketing. So let’s start here: PRE-ORDER MY BOOK!

Er… maybe something a little less agressive?

If you like poetry, and have $2 to spare, and want to support me, please would you pre-order my book? You will have my unending gratitude, and little gold star next to your name in the Great Cosmic Register of Good People*. If that has swayed you at all, please click the link down below:


I am still planning to have Number 19 finished by 30 November (I keep wanting to type 31 November… help!) but then there will be extensive edits. If at all possible, I’d like to have that ready for publication around Easter 2020. If I decide to self-pub. Which I’m still not decided on…

On the blog menu in the coming weeks: MSUM Part 4, writing with mental illness, and a side-by-side comparison of a short story pre- and post-feedback – stay tuned if any of that interests you!

I hope that you’re having a wonderful day (or night) wherever you are. Do something nice for yourself, even if that’s just taking 10 minutes to have a nice cup of tea.

*Disclaimer: I don’t actually have any control over the Great Cosmic Register of Good People but if it helps at all, I think you belong there.

One thought on “A Bit of a Ramble

  1. And I’ve just been informed that my prices are showing up wonky in .ca and probably elsewhere as well, so it looks like my afternoon is going to be spent fixing that. Oopsies…


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