it’s not the big days that get me
that stop me where i stand
choking on memories
and streaming tears
it’s not the birthdays
it’s the random
ten past three
on a tuesday afternoon
when someone says something
does something
makes something
so unbelievable
that i feel i have to share it with you
and i remember
i can’t
the punch in the gut of
not being able to call and ask
how much milk goes in this sauce
and the sudden realisations
of how long its been
since i last heard your voice

There’s only 20 days left until Silk Flower Goodbye goes live, so I thought I’d share one of  the poems here as a little taster. I hope you enjoyed it!

If you’d like to get your hands on a free copy, I’m running a bit of a competition over on my Twitter page (@inkandsage) where I’m giving away 1 digital copy of Silk Flower Goodbye every day between now and 2 Oct! All you need to do to enter is look out for the post tagged #20DayGiveaway and answer the day’s question. Couldn’t be easier! Today’s (Day 1) question just went live a few minutes ago!

And if you’d prefer not to leave things to chance, you can always pre-order a copy by following this lovely link here!

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