Clever Title Goes Here

Hello! Hi! Welcome! How are you doing? Make yourself comfortable. Cuppa tea? Lovely. I’m running on very little brain power right now so forgive the lack of brilliance in this post, and I’ll just dive straight into the messy ramble.

Birthday Stuff

Thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday yesterday. I must admit I was not feeling all that lively when the day started, but you all brightened it significantly for me. So thank you. I love you all.

I had a very quiet day at the office, followed by a very quiet evening at home with some pineapple chicken. We’re really only celebrating on Sunday though. Seeing as there’s three of us in the family who have birthdays in mid-to-late October and early November, and none of us are children, it’s easiest for everyone to just celebrate it all on one day.

NaNoWriMo Stuff

Next, yes, it’s NaNo time again, and yes, I am taking part for the 11th year. I am frantically trying to get this draft done so I can get on with some other exciting projects. So much to do, so little time. Aaahh! If you are likewise engaged in the mad dash for words, feel free to add me as a buddy – I’m inkandsage on the NaNo site (and pretty much everywhere else too, in some variation or other). I have some thoughts and feelings about the new site, but that’s another story for another post.

I’ll do a proper weekly report for NaNo, I think, but for now I’m currently 1702 behind where I should be – but it is only lunch time, so there’s hope.

Silk Flower Goodbye Stuff

SFG has been out for a month now, so I thought I’d do a little update on it. Keeping in mind that I have spent literally zero monies on marketing and I’m also trying very hard to not be one of those annoying people who just stands on the street corner of the internet yelling “buy my book”, let’s take a look at sales.

So from 1 October to 31 October: I sold 15 units through Amazon/KDP (8 UK, 5 US, 1 Aus, 1 Ca) and 2 units through Draft2Digital (1 Apple, 1 Kobo) – 17 units in total. The estimated royalties on this are USD 7.90 (KDP) and USD 2.42 (D2D) which comes to a whopping USD 10.32. Not bad, I think. (I won’t get paid out until I hit USD 100 on KDP though, and I’m not sure what the threshold is on D2D.)

I also gave away 20 copies ahead of launch via a Twitter giveaway, and 5 comps as thank yous to people who inspired me. So that’s 40 copies out there, hopefully having eyes on them.

I do only have 3 reviews on Amazon though – 2 on UK, 1 on Ca. If you bought and have read SFG, I want to ask you now to please, please consider reviewing it on Amazon (or wherever you bought it), Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, your own blog, or anywhere else you could possibly do such a thing. Even if you absolutely hated it. It would really mean a lot to me.

Now, time for me to eat something and get my NaNo on… I hope you have had, will have, or are having, a wonderful day, and remember to do something nice for yourself.


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