Episode 001: An Introduction & The Courtroom Coroner

Hello, I’m Sage Gordon-Davis and this is the first episode of my podcast which, in a fit of narcissism, I’ve named after myself.

If you’re wondering who this person is who’s invading your ears, wonder no more. By day, I’m a not-so-mild-mannered admin kept sane by a steady stream of podcasts and terribly unhealthy soft drinks. By night, I’m a wild and reckless writer, poet, and dabbler in all things creative. My debut poetry book, Silk Flower Goodbye, is available now in ebook and paperback – details on http://www.sgdwrites.com

I live in a small town in the beautiful Eastern Free State (that’s in South Africa), and I share a very tumbledown cottage with my husband and two rescue dogs – who you might hear in the background of some of these episodes. You may also hear some traffic noise because there’s a highway just down the hill from me, or roaming livestock because that’s just how we roll around here. Sorry about that.

This podcast format has been ripped off almost entirely from two of my favourite podcasts, who I’m going to thank now by way of shouting them out: The Bestseller Experiment (specifically the One Page Punch-Ups episodes), and Death of 1000 Cuts. If you don’t already listen to them, I suggest you find them in your podcatcher of choice posthaste. Fair warning though: the language in Death of 1000 Cuts might be a little fruity for some of you more sensitive listeners.

Ink and Sage is a tiny podcast for writers – emphasis on the tiny. I don’t plan on having any episodes longer than 10 minutes because I don’t want to keep anyone out of their writing for too long. Future episodes will have 2 or possibly 3 segments of reading and reacting to opening paragraphs, but today we’ll just have 1 because I think I’ve rambled enough for now.

So let’s get on with it, shall we?

This podcast would not be possible without you brave souls who put your work on the sacrificial altar, I mean send your work in for reaction. I want to remind you that my opinions are just that – opinions. They’re just my feelings about the work, and are not judgement on your value and worth as writers or as people. My intention always is to be positive and helpful – but please remember that I am not an editor, agent, or industry professional. You may want to take what I say with several grains of salt.

(Fenway Stevenson Mysteries, Book Five)

by Paul Austin Ardoin

Fenway Stevenson threw an exasperated look at the officer manning the new metal detector just inside the courthouse entrance. “Come on, Quincy, the arraignment starts in five minutes. I was the one who arrested Professor Cygnus, for crying out loud.”

Immediately, I’m drawn in. I’m asking myself who is Professor Cygnus and what have they done to be arrested. For that matter, who is Quincy, when he’s not manning the metal detector. 

This submission is book five in a series, so readers will most likely already know who Fenway Stevenson is, even if I don’t yet – sorry Paul. I can’t tell just from this paragraph exactly what genre this is but Mysteries is in the series title, so it is some sort of mystery or crime. Of course, readers would likely know from preceding titles where on the mystery/crime spectrum the series falls.

The first sentence is solid, telling us where we are and, at least to some degree, who we’re dealing with. I did find myself having to pause for a breath before “just inside the courthouse entrance” and I’m not entirely sure that we need it when we have an officer and a metal detector in the first sentence, and the protagonist talking about an arraignment in the very next sentence. But that is very much personal preference and it works well as is.

I feel comfortable assuming that it takes place in the States, given the naming of the characters – I have trouble picturing a Fenway or a Quincy in the UK. Feel free to pelt me with emails and tell me how wrong I am. 

Thanks for sending that in, Paul. I look forward to catching up on this series soon!

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