Snow White in a Different Genre

Recently I’ve been taking part in the livestream recordings of the Christian Indie Writers Podcast. The commute home on Friday evenings has become one of the best parts of my week. And one of the best parts of the podcast is the 15 minute prompt. Before they go live, the ladies pick a prompt and they have 15 minutes to write a story that fits it. It’s a lot of fun to listen to, and a great reminder that you don’t need a huge chunk of time in order to write.

Every week, they invite their listener’s to try their hand at the prompt. I usually said I would but then got busy with the doggos and other life stuff and forgot until the next week’s episode. But last week I scheduled some time for myself and made a go of it.

The prompt was Snow White in a different genre, and here’s what I came up with.

Snow took a moment to check her lipstick and fix the super-kawaii yellow bow in her hair one last time before she hit the button to go live. It was time to get that money.

“Oh em gee, hiiii Snow-fam! I’m so glad you all decided to join me on this just gorgeous summer morning! So I know I promised to do a get ready with me today but my super good friend Briar, you all know Briar she’s super sweet, go over to her channel and say hi some time. Anyway, she just called me a couple of minutes ago to say she sent me something and it should be delivered any minute. Ah! I can’t wait to see what it is!” 

She stopped to brush a stray wisp of hair away from her cheek, and see if there were any donations yet. Nothing. Well, that wasn’t unusual. It took a little time to get the crowd warmed up.

“I thought, since I’m not doing the GRWM now because of waiting for Briar’s package, maybe we could do a Q&A. So anything you all want to ask me, anything you want to know, just send it over in the little chat window and I’ll tell all!” 

That would do it. She’d read a couple of questions, make it seem like they were just flying too fast for her, and people would start donating with their questions to make sure their comments were read. It worked every time.

“HappyMiner495 asks ‘when are you doing another thrift haul?’ Well, HappyMiner495, I’ve actually just done one. The video should be up next week, but shh don’t tell anyone, okay? Let’s keep it our little secret for now.”

I shared it on Twitter last week when I was done writing it, and got some good feedback. What genre do you think I was going for? To be honest, I’m not really sure if it is a genre, but it was fun writing it anyway.

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