All the World’s a Stage

This week’s 15 minute prompt from the Christian Indie Writers Podcast was “All the world’s a stage”, and I decided to just carry on from last week’s story. It doesn’t need much more explanation than that, so here it is:

Snow held a finger up in front of her mouth and giggled theatrically. It was a ridiculous gesture but she knew her fans would go mad for it. She had no doubt that within the hour, screenshots, gifs, and clips would be winging around the internet. She didn’t care, just as long as it meant she didn’t have to join the 9-to-5 crowd.

“Okiedokes, folks,” she said, scanning for another question. “Shoecrazy_Ella wants to know why you haven’t seen Will in any videos lately. ‘Have you broken up?’ she asks. Hoo boy… Yes and no. I mentioned in a vlog last month that he and Jake were on a road trip. Well, they’re still on that road trip. And so until he gets back, we’re on a break.”

That did the trick – her chat wall pinged and popped with donations, outpourings of love and sympathy from her sycophantic followers.

“Aww you guys, I love you so much!” The doorbell buzzed. “Ah! My package! I’ll be right back!”

She ran to the door to sign for it, but the delivery person was nowhere in sight. Snow scooped the box up off the porch and hurried back to her ‘studio’. “Do you guys want me to open it on stream?”

Again, the chat wall frenzied. One message in particular caught her eye – from Briar. Snow smiled at the camera, “Bri says this isn’t from her, so let’s see what it is!” She sliced at the tape sealing the package. Inside was a small black box. She lifted it out carefully. 

“I think it’s some sort of PR package,” she said. If she tilted it slightly she could just see the words Mirror Mirror in a slightly different black across the top of the box. 

Snow turned the box so that when she opened it the contents would be on camera, and lifted the lid. Inside was a beautiful glass bottle, shaped like the most perfect apple. “It’s… perfume?” she said, puzzled but also delighted to be on a PR list – it was hard to get on those things.

She uncapped the perfume. “It smells amazing!” she said for the benefit of the chat. It was only after she spritzed herself that she saw the note hidden in the hollow where the bottle had been.

It read:

All the world’s a stage, my dear
And we’re all done playing

I admit that took a bit longer than 15 minutes. I paused my timer to attend to some unavoidable life things and forgot to start it again when I came back, so it was more like 25 minutes. I hope you’ll all forgive me.

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