It Was the Worst Time to Get Sick…

“You guys, there’s this really strange note in the box,” Snow said. She read it out for the benefit of her viewers. “Anyone know what it means? ’cause, seriously, this is the weirdest PR I’ve ever gotten.”

The chat fired back a barrage of answers, mostly IDKs and a few wild guesses. Then a comment came in from Hunter_Wilde: Mirror Mirror is Queenie Reginald’s new cosmetic company.

Snow gasped. Queenie Reginald. She’d forgotten she even existed. 

They hadn’t spoken since the 11th grade, when Snow had gotten sick the day before they were due to present their group project for Style & Beauty and Queenie had sworn she’d make Snow regret it.

Well, she didn’t know why she was on the PR list for Queenie’s company, but she couldn’t worry about that now. She was still in the livestream.

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