Sucker for Punishment

I was watching Kate Cavanaugh on YouTube the other day. She was doing a 24 hour writing challenge and I thought ‘hey, that’s a fun idea!’.

So I am going to do a 24 hour poetrython.


From 08:00 SAST* on Saturday, 4 April 2020, to 07:59 SAST on Sunday, 5 April 2020, I’m going to be trying to write** at least 3 poems every hour. That’s 72 poems at the end of the day…

* Here’s a nifty time zone converter thing, in case you need it, because time zones are screwy and I have no idea what time that is in Nova Scotia or Peru or anywhere else.

** When I say I’m going to write 3 poems an hour, I mean I’m going to draft 3 poems an hour – they will not be publishable quality. I will eventually rework them and have them edited. The resulting book should, hopefully, be published (at least digitally) between October and December 2020.

I’m not going to be livestreaming the entire time but there will be some livestreaming. I’ll announce a schedule and put up links to the relevant YouTube channels and/or Facebook pages closer to the time.

Last year I wrote 100 poems in 30 days. That was pretty intense, but it was fun. I learned something from that challenge, though – after a certain point it gets hard to think of things to write about. SO! I have a handy dandy Google Form for you to fill in, giving me words to use as prompts. In the final hour of the poetrython, I’ll do a draw for a digital copy of the book. (Delivery of the prize will obviously only take place once the book is ready, between October and December 2020.)

You can submit as many responses as you like, but only one per form because my brain can’t handle more than that. And yes, if you’re entering the competition, more responses = more entries = more chances to win.

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