Diving In

CampNaNoWriMo starts tomorrow! (It's not too late to sign up, if this is your kind of thing!) Mr Sage and I met with our local writing group this afternoon for the pre-Camp kickoff party, where we indulged in various refreshments, caught up on what we've been doing since the last Camp, and set our goals … Continue reading Diving In

How To Spot And Eliminate Stage Directing In Your Writing

This is a great post on something I’m super guilty of!

K.M. Allan

When you’ve been writing long enough, you discover what you’re good at.

It might be snapping out witty dialogue, awesome plot outlining, or creating characters so beloved even someone with a black soul would shed a tear at their demise.

You also discover amongst these writing strengths, what your writing weaknesses are. For me, that nemesis is stage directing.

For those unaware, stage directing is when you can’t help but write every single move a character makes. This takes the form of describing everything they see in unnecessary detail and every physical move beyond what’s needed.

So how can you tell if you’re adding essential detail or too much stage directing? If you’re lucky, a beta reader will point it out. It might not feel like luck at the time, and it’ll definitely damage your writing heart (and ego) to hear it, but learning this harsh truth will make…

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Buzz Buzz

I've been a busy bee lately, but mostly not writing. The weekend before my last post was spent with some of the most important people in my life. These are the people who support me. These are the people who inspire me. These are the people who focus me. I didn't write anything during their … Continue reading Buzz Buzz