What is Ink and Sage?

Ink and Sage is a tiny podcast for writers – emphasis on the tiny. I don’t plan on having any episodes longer than 10 minutes because I don’t want to keep anyone out of their writing for too long. My goal is to become a better writer by learning what works and what doesn’t, and I hope that we can learn together. In each episode, I read and react to two or three opening paragraphs submitted by lovely writing folk just like you.

How do I get in touch?

Email inkandsage.podcast@gmail.com or tweet @inkandsagepod on Twitter. Comments, feedback, and suggestions welcome! Consider rating and reviewing while you’re at it, too – it really helps the podcast reach more people.

How do I submit to the podcast?

Email inkandsage.podcast@gmail.com with “Submission” in the subject, and your opening paragraph in the body of the email. (Attachments are more likely to get caught by the spam filter and I would really hate to miss your submission!)

What do I submit to the podcast?

The opening paragraph of your story – whether it’s a WIP (work in progress) or fully formed. This should be the very first paragraph of the story, even if it’s a prologue.

Please also include:
– the title (or working title) of the story
– your name, pen name, or how you would like to be attributed (“Anonymous” is fine too!)
– your website and/or social media, if you have them, so I can link them in the show notes

I am also on the lookout for full pages and first sentences, so feel free to ping those over too!

Can I submit anonymously?

Yes! All you need to do is say “I’d like to remain anonymous” in the email.

Can I submit (insert genre here)?

Most likely, yes! I’m open to all genres except erotica.

What about poetry?

Sorry, no. As much as I love poetry, this isn’t the right podcast for that. If there’s enough interest, I might do a separate podcast for poetry one day though.

What about fanfiction?

Sadly, I have to say no to this as well. I love and appreciate fanfiction. Fanfiction was my writing home for a long time. But I can’t read it out for legal reasons, so please only submit your own original work.

Can I submit (insert age range here)?

Absolutely! I’m not sure that this podcast format works for childrens’ books, but middle grade, young adult, teens, tweens, whatever you want to call it – bring it on! Just be sure to tell me in the email if it’s MG, YA, etc. so I can approach it with the appropriate mindset!

I write in a duo/trio/collab – can I submit?

Yes! But please make sure that your collaborator/s are on board with it, that you have their permission to submit, and that you only submit a particular opening once between you.

I’ve submitted an opening before – can I submit again?

Yes! Please don’t submit the same opening more than once (even if you’ve reworked it), and please don’t submit another opening (e.g. a chapter opening) from the same work. But if, like me, you have multiple projects on the go – feel free to submit from any or all of them!

I have more than one opening paragraph I want to submit – can I?

Yes, as long as they’re not all from the same project! Please submit each opening in a separate email though, as I refer back to the emails when recording and I would hate to put the wrong info together.

My work is quite sweary/violent/traumatic etc. – can I submit it?

Yes – but please put an “E” in the email subject so I can group explicit stuff together and mark the episode/s appropriately.

My work is already published – can I submit it?

Maybe – I’m not sure why you would want to submit something that’s already published, but… If the work is self-published, you are welcome to send it over. Unfortunately, if it’s under contract to any kind of publisher – big or small, indie or trad – I will have to say no. There are rights issues there, and I don’t want to go toe-to-toe with a publisher over this. Sorry.